Dandelion Season Newsletter – June 2023

Hello, Our recent Friendraiser picnic was a reminder of why we do what we do. Our community is fortunate to have extraordinary natural gifts and Lake Ontario Beach Park is one of them. It is the perfect place to find nature together. From making kites out of recycled...

Green, Gray, and Brown Time is a Great Gift

We were recently discussing what to call time spent connected to nature. One research article compared “green time” to “screen time”. It is a clever rhyme but this time of year it is hard to think of time outside as green time. More like “gray time”. If we are being a little more generous about how colorful the world is here this time of year “brown time” might work. Whatever you call it some green, gray, and brown in our lives is very beneficial. This is especially true if you share this time with someone else. 

From a Seed to A Sapling – August 2022 Newsletter

From a seed to a sapling. That is what it feels like right now as Rochester Ecology Partners enters a new stage of growth. In the last two months we had our first big event, added a board member, brought new people onto our team, moved into an office for the summer, and have worked with our partners to launch the Neighborhood Nature Summer Program.