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Make A Donation

Online donations of any amount can be made by clicking this link.

Donate By Check

Checks can be mailed to Rochester Ecology Partners, 224 Mt Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

Your Donation’s Impact

We are helping our community find nature and your donation means more children will find a smile among the trees, more organizations will find partners in their work, and more of our neighbors will find moments of peace with each other.

You can make it possible for:

  • a child to spend one afternoon a week in our neighborhood nature program
  • a class to engage in three hours of nature-based learning
  • a whole school to implement nature-based learning as a community-building, academic and social-emotional wellness strategy

These are just a few of the impacts your donation will have.

Every minute we spend engaged in nature-based learning and community building matters and every dollar you contribute will be used to make those minutes happen.

Thank you for your contribution and we look forward to sharing the impact of your generosity.

Your Donation Will Help Us Grow Sustainably

Our Current Fundraising Priorities

Rochester Ecology Partners has reached an exciting stage in its growth where we have plenty of evidence our programs are wanted and working but we need help getting to the next stage in our organizational development. Your donation will help make the following possible:

1. Growing our staff. We have a lot of work to do and we have gone from a volunteer team to eight paid employees in just a short time. We need to further develop the staff we have and add new people to the team to expand our capacity to achieve our mission.

Read more about our staff: About us

2. Developing our organizational operations. Our recent project to understand the challenges environmental organizations face revealed that many organizations need support with basic organizational needs. Rochester Ecology Partners is no different. As we grow we need to make sure we have the systems and infrastructure in place to maintain our organization.

3. Sustaining our nature-based learning and community-building programs. We have launched a number of initiatives that have been incredibly successful and we want to see them continue in the future. Grants only get us so far, we need community members and businesses to help us build programs that will serve our community in the long term.


children planting seeds in a fabric pot

Rochester Ecology Partners Inc. is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization. EIN #85-3700682

We accept cash and check donations from businesses and individuals.

Please reach out to discuss making a contribution.