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Your Donation Makes Good Things Happen

The following programs and activities are supported by your donation:

1. The Neighborhood Nature program. Along with community partners we will deliver out of school programming for children in their neighborhood. We successfully piloted this program last summer and are looking to grow this model in 2022.

2. The Nature Based Learning Initiative. This summer we brought together fifty educators around the idea of nature based learning. There is a great deal of interest and needs to be met when it comes to nature based learning. Support for planning and facilitating additional activities is needed.

3. Community Learning Events. We are in the process of creating a series of events that will give anyone who is interested the opportunity to learn more about nature.

4. Organizational Development. Right now we are very “lean” organization and we are in the process of building the structures that will allow us to flourish in the long term. Funds for space, wages, and other operational expenses are needed.