We were recently discussing what to call time spent connected to nature. One research article compared “green time” to “screen time”. It is a clever rhyme, but this time of year it is hard to think of time outside as green time. More like “gray time”. If we are being a little more generous about how colorful the world is here this time of year “brown time” might work. Whatever you call it, having some green, gray, and brown time in our lives is very beneficial. 

This is especially true when you share this time with someone else. Winter is a great time to share nature with others. I hope you will be inspired by this email to suggest a walk with a friend, or an afternoon potting spider plant cuttings with a family member. If you would like to share nature with us, we have a few opportunities for you. We consider any way we get connected to nature with you a great gift! 

Join us for our First Day Hike on January 1st. We will meet up at the Highland Park Conservatory for a leisurely meander through the park. Bring your friends or come to make new ones. All are welcome at this free event. https://rochesterecologypartners.org/event/repfirstdayhike2023/ 

Swap plants, books, and conversations with us on January 14th. Nature can be found on a windowsill or on the pages of a good story. Join us at the Arnett Library to add some new life to your winter. All are welcome, a donation of $5.00 is appreciated. https://rochesterecologypartners.org/event/swap-it-saturday/ 

Make a donation to our Neighborhood Nature Program. We have big plans to get young people outside during their free time in 2023. A donation to our scholarship campaign makes a great gift for any reason. https://secure.givelively.org/donate/rochester-ecology-partners-inc/neighborhood-nature-scholarships