RIT Momentum II 2024

Neighborhoods ROC! – Sustainable System Exploration Guiding Questions: What role do public places play in creating a sustainable community? What role can you play in creating a sustainable community? How can we use systems thinking to create a sustainable and...

Is this correct? Have we really done this much?

The families that gather around the campfire for s’mores and hot cocoa with us are forming relationships that lead to stronger neighborhoods.

The children who find joy in spending a day outside with us are making connections that will serve us all well.

The neighbors and friends who contribute their time, talents, and treasure to facilitate the growth of Rochester Ecology Partners’ nature-based learning and community-building efforts are fostering the growth of the idea that we can accomplish more as partners.

As we enter this season of abundant appreciation and generosity Giving Tuesday creates an opportunity to share our gratitude and ask for your help.

Isn’t this a great photo?

Help us winYou can vote for this photo and help us win a contest that will make it possible for us to offer a young person (or more!) the opportunity to sled, build snowmen or just smile with some snow on their face this winter. Thanks to Evan Lowenstein for catching...