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Our organization exists to empower the development of a healthy, equitable, and sustainable community through partnerships that lead to nature education and community building.

Helping all people find nature where they live, work, and play.

Our Vision

We envision a network of programs and places that connect people to their environment and each other in ways that lead to sustainable and equitable opportunities, stewardship of our natural ecosystems, and community well-being.

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About Us

The Rochester Ecology Partners improve community connectedness through the power of nature. Our organization works to improve individual, community, and environmental well-being and contributes to an educational system that connects people in our city to nature, the places they live, and each other. 

By building these relationships we will encourage the adoption of an ecological mindset in our community where there is a better understanding of the relationship between our social and environmental systems. Our community’s most pressing challenges can be solved with an approach that considers how everything is connected.

Our strategy for achieving our mission

  • Nature based learning in and out of schools
  • Community building through nature based programming
  • Network cultivation and movement building
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We are seeking organizations and individuals that share our mission and vision. As an organization in our early stages every hour, every dollar, and every contribution to our mission has a significant impact. Whether you attend one of our events, support us with a donation, or volunteer for one of our programs we look forward to growing with your support.

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Nature Based Learning Symposium 2022

This two-day symposium will bring educators and their partners together to experience and learn about nature-based learning through engagement with the environment, relationship-building, discussion, and workshops.

Participants will leave with a better understanding of the benefits of nature-based learning, practical tools for implementing nature based learning, and connections to a network of practice.

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