Getting outside to play is good for everyone. Julia Oakley, the Executive Director of Agape Haven of Abundance recognized that the children in the neighborhood where her non-profit is located would need opportunities to play outside and engage with nature. She reached out and this summer we have partnered with the Agape community and a generous donor to offer the “Neighborhood Nature” program.

Neighborhood Nature Progam

This program is offered two afternoons a week and is offered for free to any child ages 8-12 who wants to get their hands a little dirty and have a good time. Many of the activities are lead in the yard of Agape on St Paul Street but heading over to the Maplewood YMCA, the Rose Garden, and the High Falls are key components of the program. Program director, Alyssa Tunque, has noted that the experience of exploring the parks has been a meaningful one for youth in the program. They find joy in discovering a new world not far from their front doors. 

Participation in the program had grown quickly and a typical session includes fifteen to twenty young people. It is clear that a need is being met and we are already discussing how this program might be expanded here and in other neighborhood locations.

About our Partner Agape Haven of Abundance:

Agape operates as a community outreach program located in the city of Rochester, New York, working with community partners, to meet community needs.

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