Youth Education

School Based – We work with schools to design and facilitate experiences for students, staff, and families that engage everyone with nature. Planning starts with understanding what the needs of the students are and what the desired future is. The next step is determining what type of activities and arrangements will get us to that future. We can plan one field study or work to get the every class out of the building throughout the school year.

  • Community Building and Personal Development Experiences – Experiences in the natural world that lead to social and emotional development by guiding students through a process of self discovery and community building.
  • Nearby Nature Field Studies and Lessons – Curriculum aligned experiences guided by environmental educators designed to provide students with direct experience with natural phenomena, build habits of mind, and develop future ready skills like inquiry and collaboration.
  • After School Environmental Clubs – Enrichment experiences that build on skills and content learned in the classroom as well as provide students an opportunity to pursue their interests in joyful ways.
  • Professional Learning for Staff – Opportunities for teachers to learn and grow as educators by engaging them in activities that build relationships to the natural world and each other

Freetime Programming – Young people have a lot of  “freetime” that can be filled with activities that lead to joy and learning at the same time. We collaborate with partners to build programs that get participants engaged in nature based learning in and out ouf their neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhood Nature Program Support – We believe that neighborhood based organizations best understand the needs of their neighbors and are in the best position to serve them. Our goal is to provide the expertise and resources neighborhood organizations need to accomplish their vision and mission through nature based learning. Neighborhood nature programs are built around three key ideas: exploring nearby nature and discovering nature some distance from home are both valuable experiences, children need opportunities to explore the world on their own terms, and nature based learning builds essential relationships.

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