Nature Based Learning Symposium 2023

The expansive power of nature as a source of respite, restoration, and connection is well known. Nature-based learning also provides opportunities to meet educational goals in meaningful and authentic ways. This two-day symposium will bring educators and their partners together to experience and learn about nature-based learning through engagement with the environment, relationship-building, discussion, and workshops. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of nature-based learning benefits and practices along with practical tools and resources that promote this philosophy.

22 in 22 Working Group

This is an initiative to get people out to 22 of Monroe County’s parks in 2022. We hope this community effort will lead to more awareness of the natural beauty in our parks, greater connection among our neighbors and ultimately a healthier community. 

Environmental Organization Community Analysis

This project is an effort to understand the work of organizations to improve our environment in the Rochester Region. The definition of an “environmental organization” is shifting and an intersectional approach that recognizes the role of the social and natural environment in the work of many organizations is needed.