Neighborhood Nature Programming

Rochester Ecology Partners provides support for the design, implementation, management, and evaluation of programs that engage youth in activities that lead to nature engagement and personal development. We believe that neighborhood based organizations best understand the needs of their neighbors and are in the best position to serve them. Our goal is to provide the expertise and resources neighborhood organizations need to accomplish their vision and mission through nature based learning.

About Neighborhood Nature Programming

Young people need nature in their lives. Exposure to nature increases overall wellbeing, improves academic outcomes, and enhances future readiness. As families look for ways to engage their children in activities that lead to healthy development they are increasingly turning to nature based learning. Neighborhood nature programs are built around three key ideas: exploring nearby nature and discovering nature some distance from home are both valuable experiences, children need opportunities to explore the world on their own terms, and nature based learning builds essential relationships. 

Potential Activities

Vegetable Gardening Participants grow food in containers or beds on location. Lessons about growing and eating healthy food will be built into the activities.
Exploration of Flower Diversity Youth will study the diversity of flowers that can be found in local yards and consider how diversity in the plant world connects to human diversity
Outdoor Mindfulness Youth will participate in mindfulness activities that build their capacity for self regulation and reflection. This includes but is not limited to meditation, restorative peace circles, and yoga.
Nature Play Participants will engage in nature based play on location and in nearby parks. These activities will create opportunities for happiness, team building, and general well being.
Neighborhood Field Study Participants will visit a variety of locations in the neighborhood to learn about natural assets. As students participate in these activities they will learn about their connection to these places and build their relationship with them. 


Working Together

“What can we do to help you get young people learning in, and about nature?”, is the question we start with. We can run the program fully or create an agreement where we offer support when you need it. Partnership and collaborative development of these programs is our goal. Every program is different and our success depends on creating something that fits.