Nature Based Learning With Schools

Nature based learning leads to improved social and emotional wellness, community development, and academic outcomes. Rochester Ecology Partners works with schools to design and facilitate experiences that get everyone engaged with nature. We will work with your learning community to build a program that meets your needs. We can plan one field study for a class or develop plans that get everyone out of the building throughout the school year.

Activities We Facilitate

Nearby Nature Field Studies and Lessons

Curriculum aligned experiences guided by environmental educators designed to provide students with direct experience with natural phenomena, build habits of mind, and develop future ready skills like inquiry and collaboration.

Personal and Community Development Experiences

Experiences in the natural world that lead to social and emotional development by guiding students through a process of self discovery and community building.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment experiences that build on skills and content learned in the classroom as well as provide students an opportunity to pursue their interests in joyful ways.

Professional Learning

Opportunities for teachers to learn and grow as educators by engaging them in activities that build relationships to the natural world and each other

Examples of What We Can Do


  • Field study of bird diversity and adaptation in a local park or school yard
  • Genesee River canoeing excursion for staff or students
  • Multi-lesson investigation of urban forest benefits and stewardship

Alignment With Standards

Whether it is sitting under a tree writing a poem or building a reed raft to float across a pond it is easy to find ways these experiences are not only aligned with standards but are often superior ways to meet them. We strive to make sure activities align with not only content but culturally responsive and SEL standards.

Standards Alignment

  • New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework
  • New York State Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks
  • Common Core ELA standards
  • Common Core Math standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • New York State Social Studies Framework

News From Our Work With Schools

Working Together

There are a variety of ways we can structure working together. The main priority will be meeting the school community’s needs. We can facilitate small group experiences or whole school activities that get everyone engaged in nature based learning. Our fees will be based on the scale of the plans we make and your budget. It is important to us that everyone has access to nature and we will do everything we can to make it available to all students. Reach out to start a conversation.