Garden Club at School 58

World of Inquiry 200 University Ave, Rochester

Garden Club at WOIS
The Garden Club at World of Inquiry offers students a platform to contribute positively to their school community. They support green spaces on campus and maintain the Griffin Garden at 143 N. Union St. The club aims for student-led experiences that instill a sense of pride, empowering them as environmental stewards and enhancing the beauty of their surroundings.

About the Neighborhood Nature Program
The Neighborhood Nature program is a social emotional well being and academic enrichment program from Rochester Ecology Partners. We will engage students in nature based activities that are designed to cultivate their relationship to the natural world and their community. We will be outside whenever possible, and bring nature into the school on days when outdoor activities are not possible.

Program Details
Grades: 3rd– 6th grade
Where: WOIS Campus
When: Wednesdays, 3:30 –5:00 pm
Class size: 15 students

Cost: This program is free of cost

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