As the sun shined over Rochester on Better World Day at World of Inquiry School #58 (WOIS), the scent of tulips and the sound of laughter filled the air. REP is honored to have contributed to this year’s Better World Day, which is an annual national event showcasing student learning that contributes to a better world.

Reflecting on our journey with WOIS, we remember the fall tulip project. Together, we planted 1,967 tulip bulbs across the school grounds, symbolizing not only the school’s founding year but also our shared commitment to nurturing the future. 


“In soil soft and dark, a promise lies,

Tiny tulip bulbs, silent and wise.

With gentle hands, we plant them deep,

In hopes of future blooms to keep.

Hands big and small have come together,

In this act of planting, for now and forever.

Roots delve down, anchoring strong,

A metaphor for where we belong.

As seasons turn and time goes by,

Tulip shoots reach for the sky.

Emerging petals, colors unfurl,

Nature’s canvas, a wondrous swirl.

With every bloom, a story told,

Of patience, hope, and hearts so bold.

For in each bulb, a future grows,

A legacy of beauty that forever flows.”

-Timmi Okung

For REP, partnerships with schools help us fulfill our mission as we work to improve community connectedness through the power of nature. Better World Day at WOIS was an opportunity to bring our mission to life in a vibrant and meaningful way.

In the spirit of Better World Day, let us continue to nurture our roots, cultivate community pride, and embrace the transformative power of nature.