Thank you. This last year has been an extraordinary example of what is possible when we come together to make great things happen. It was a year ago that we found out Rochester Ecology Partners had been approved as a nonprofit and it is truly incredible to see what we have accomplished in that time. Our community of volunteers, donors, staff, supporters, and program participants has grown to over 1000 people. Most of these people are children who got to experience the natural world thanks to our neighborhood nature and nature based learning at schools programs.

Whether I’m talking to people about the Greater Rochester Environmental Community Analysis, integrating nature based learning into education, or community events that get people outside together the reaction is always the same – “That sounds great and much needed”. And it is. I feel very grateful to be able to make these things possible with all of you. I know many people are thankful to have these opportunities as well. We are doing the good work that our community needs.

Again, much appreciation for joining our community and I look forward to what is next.
Please put the first day hike on January 1 from 1-3 at Highland Park on your calendar. We look forward to bringing in the new year with you and stay tuned for more details.


Chris Widmaier

Executive Director

Rochester Ecology Partners

Some opportunities for you to help out and get involved:

  • Share a message of gratitude for what Rochester Ecology Partners has done for you and the community. Knowing that what we are doing has had an impact motivates us and others to keep things happening. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / email
  • Support our newly launched campaign to fund neighborhood nature program scholarships. Your donation will give children the opportunity to experience nature in their free time. Link to Campaign
  • Use the Thanksgiving weekend to get one or more of our Monroe County parks checked off of your 22 in 22 list. We will be in Highland Park with the Anna Murray Douglass Academy School #12 community Friday, reach out if you want to help out or join us. Roc22in22
  • Add Rochester Ecology Partners as your Amazon Smile charity as you do your Cyber Monday shopping. Amazon Smile Link