The St. John Fisher College Community-Engaged Learning Program recently presented Rochester Ecology Partners with a Reciprocity Award for our work with students in Dr. Jim Bowman’s community writing course. Channing Harell, Brooklyn Kicherer, Hailey Rice, and Chloe Wu piloted survey questions and analysis for our newly launched Environmental Organization Landscape Analysis project. Their work informs how we go about building a better understanding and stronger network of the organizations creating a more just and sustainable Rochester. We greatly appreciate this recognition and the students’ contribution to our organization.

Students in Community-Engaged Learning courses at St John Fisher have been essential partners for Rochester Ecology Partners from the beginning. In addition to the fall semester project, students built our website and developed a marketing campaign for launching our organization. Plans are being made to work with a recreation management class this fall to develop the next stage of the 22 in 22 initiative. Students in courses at RIT have also worked on the environmental organization landscape analysis project and organizational communication campaigns. We have made incredible progress in a short time thanks to the hundreds of hours students have put into these projects.

Collaboration is an organizing principle for Rochester Ecology Partners. We believe that working together is the path to a bright and hopeful future and we are fortunate to have faculty, staff, and students at higher education institutions in Rochester that believe the same thing. The impact of the community connected approach to learning goes far beyond the classroom walls to create the change we need. If you are interested in learning more or partnering with us please reach out.